Did you get hired because of your race?

Yep, pulling the race card.
Yep, pulling the race card.

And I honestly mean it. In your current job or your past job, were you hired because of your race? I highly doubt any employer or hiring manager would admit to that, because discrimination to other candidates and racial profiling.
Is it discrimination or good business practice when a bank only hires people who can speak both English and Chinese because the bank is located in a heavy Chinese-speaking community?
If it is good business practice, does discrimination and racial profiling not even factor?

Or am I completely talking out of my ass here and being way too sensitive and your colleagues are your colleagues because of our environment?
So many questions, not enough answers!
I work in an office setting where the surrounding community is multi-cultural and the dominant language spoken is English. But when I take a look at my colleagues I believe racial profiling was a factor in selecting each candidate for his/her position, including me.
This is the breakdown of my colleagues at work (with proof made from unfounded evidence):

  • Administrative assistants are all female and Asian (based on the belief that Asians are submissive, won’t talk back to superiors, and will typically work harder than their non-Asian counterparts)
  • Managers or higher-ups are all white and Canadian-born (based on a superiority complex?)
  • Accounting and Finance departments are all Asian people (based on the belief that all Asians are good at math)
  • Housekeeping team is filled with immigrant workers who speak broken English (based on the belief that Canadian-born people shouldn’t be subjected to cleaning the stains off a communal toilet)

Again, am I talking out of my ass or am I not completely far off? Share your thoughts with me or yell at me.


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