#ShitMyBossSays: Jan. 30 – Feb. 3

Face palm.
Face palm.

When people say dumb shit without thinking first, I can typically let it go because who knows how many words I’ve slaughtered as an ESL person and hoped that no one noticed. But when it’s someone in a position of authority and essentially determines your career trajectory, the arch in my eyebrows practically fall off, I say.
So, in honour of my boss and her constant bull shit, I’m happy to document it all with #ShitMyBossSays. And I want to hear your stories, too. Send submissions to officeranter16@gmail.com. Please and thank you.
Context: Was invited to lunch by our media buyer who wanted to say thank you for the work and partnership. Reservations was for 1:00 PM. I was aiming to leave at 12:15, so the time before I was making some last-minute adjustments to some creatives for our next campaign. I finish and send it to my boss. 12:15 rolls around and I head to my car where I checked my email. BIG MISTAKE!

#ShitMyBossSays: Hey, can you bring your laptop and work at the restaurant on the changes I want done now?

When I read that, I rolled my eyes and drove off. I was annoyed that she actually thought it would be acceptable to bring work to a place we were invited to to relax and enjoy the food and company. The kicker here is I had been working for my boss for more than seven months – I don’t even have a laptop.
Context: One of my work responsibilities is to order and coordinate all production pieces go to print and get delivered on time. I needed to order some door decals so I emailed my boss asking if she wanted 12 individual pieces for all of the six entry ways (two decals per entry as each entry had two doors). Her reply was succinct: 2. With zero follow-up, I interpreted this as my boss only wanting two decals in total.
Thankfully the production house I chose wanted triple confirmation that this was indeed the number I wanted to order because they had been by our building before and knew that we have six entries. I confirmed the quantity with my boss in person and she looked like she was ready to write me my pink slip.

#ShitMyBossSays: Really?! You think we should order two? We have six entries. You tell me how many you think we should order,

I walked out of her office with my face matching the colour of my lips. Nasty words were floating through my head, but in the end all I could think about was how extremely grateful I was to the production house who saved my ass.


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