#ShitMyBossSays: Feb. 6 – Feb. 10


And we’re back with the second instalment of #ShitMyBossSays. To the seven people who I fooled into reading last week’s post – THANK YOU!
My boss’s constant bull shit is the source of my entertainment and hopefully yours. I’m happy to document it all with #ShitMyBossSays and I want to hear your stories, too. Send submissions to officeranter16@gmail.com. Please and thank you.
Context: My boss LOVES to delegate assignments through email. Under tight deadlines, most efficient bosses will schedule a face-to-face meeting or get on a quick phone call to ensure nothing important gets missed. Not my boss. She loves to wait till the last possible second before hitting the panic button, and when you can’t deliver she’ll blame you. Sure, you can go to her office and ask for clarity, but her door is always closed or she’ll be on a phone call or away from her desk – so email it is. Below is an email exchange I had with her regarding her wanting me to send some final collateral items for our next e-newsletter, which was going out that day.

#ShitMyBossSays: Hey – Can you send all the newsletter information in right now? It needed to be submitted last week. Why is it late? Do we need to discuss your workload to figure out how you can manage it better? Do you need help?
ME (after 30 minutes of gathering and submitting the info): The info wasn’t submitted on time because I never received the final creatives from you until late yesterday. I asked if there was anything else you wanted submitted, but you told me that we would get the final creatives last week.
#ShitMyBossSays: Ok. In the future, you need to stay on top of your assignments. Any deadlines you miss make us look bad. It’s embarrassing.

How would you handle a situation like this?


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