Post-Job Interview Mind Fuck

Me post-job interview
Me post-job interview

Job interviews generally suck (for me, anyway). You’re put on the hot seat and grilled for your industry knowledge and experience. And if you’re anything like me, when I’m the centre of attention for more than five minutes at a time, I sweat. Profusely. When the beaded drops aggressively show up as a sweatstashe or roll down the side of my face and leap off my jaw line, I know I’m hooped and will probably never hear from the interviewer(s) again. I mean, who wants an uncontrollable sweaty co-worker?
But what’s worse is the mental mind fuck that comes post-interview. You become an overly obsessive, anxious version of yourself that makes you and everyone around you uncomfortable. Your thoughts betray you and play games on you. These are some of the thoughts that have gone through my head post-interview:
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