When Managers Gossip

Bunch of gossips.
Bunch of gossips.

I’ll admit, I like a good gossip session when it doesn’t involve me (is that even fair to say?). And I think it’s perfectly okay when co-workers who are equals gossip as a way to relieve stress or bond. But I can’t get behind managers who gossip with subordinates about other employees in the office.
When I see this happen my mind starts to think that I’m the one being gossiped about and it doesn’t help when all whispering ceases when I’m in close proximity – then again, it could happen to anyone walking by because gossips don’t want to be heard. DUH!
I think managers who gossip with subordinates set a dangerous example and it can be viewed negatively. The weak pact that gets tossed around: “You can’t tell anyone this” never works. If the gossip is good, it’ll come out sooner than later. That type of gossip can be seen as favouritism, conspiring against someone, rude, and unprofessional. All of those views and emotions can snowball into a big cluster fuck of messiness. Will jobs be on the line? Maybe.
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Contract Work Sucks Souls

A few days ago it hit me that contract work sucks souls. And I mean the type of contract work that you see on job boards with fine-print stating: with possibility of extension or permanent employment. That phrase stares back at you with a devilish smirk because it knows your (desperate) naive mind will hit apply and you’ll slave your life away for the next six or 12 months hoping your boss will notice and reward your hard work with permanent employment. That’s the goal, right?
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